September 1, 2021

retirement savings

Preparing for Retirement Years: What Should You Consider?

After many decades of services, many professionals reach an age where they need to spend more time with family. Of course, the family’s breadwinner still needs to provide for the needs and wants of the family, even after they have retired. This is where retirement planning comes in handy. To have a safe, fun, and

man choosing colors

Trademarking Colors: Can You Gain the Sole Right to Use a Color?

When it comes to trademarks, the battles are not sweet for Cadbury. For over a decade, the chocolatier has been fighting for the sole right to use its distinctive purple color for its milk chocolate products. However, in 2018, Cadbury lost the chance to exclusively use Pantone 2685C, its distinct purple, because of Nestlé’s opposition

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