Essential Laws Against Piracy in the U.S.: Protecting Intellectual Property & Ensuring Fair Play

• Intellectual property law enforcement is essential to protect creative works and inventions from theft. • The U.S. Copyright Act and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) safeguard intellectual property rights in the digital space. • The Lanham Act protects trademarks, and the Patent Act grants inventors exclusive rights for their creations. • The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade


Charged with fraud? It isn’t all over, if you have the right solicitor

There are numerous types of fraud in the UK and being charged with any one of them can have huge ramifications, both for you and your loved ones. It can cost you your job, your reputation, and even your liberty. There is no denying that a fraud conviction would be a very serious situation and

Questions about murder charges in the UK answered

It is deemed to be one of, if not the most severe crime someone can be charged with; murder. And while it may seem to be a somewhat black and white definition, under UK law, it is not as straightforward as person A stabbed person B, killing them, ergo, a murder charge is all that


Safeguarding Your Business with the Support of Laws

Laws exist to protect life and regulate the various industries working to provide necessities essential to human life. Establishing a business brings forth more work than you think. It’s more than just drafting your proposal, coming up with funding, and collecting the materials needed for your products. Working in the business sector also merits learning

child offense

Child sexual offences

The law takes sexual offences committed against children very seriously. This is due to the fact that the law provides protection to children and places paramount importance on a child’s welfare and wellbeing. A sexual offence solicitor will explain that the repercussions for committing child sexual offences are very severe and will lead to imprisonment. Statistics have


Everything You Need to Know About Launching a SaaS Startup

The software as a service (SaaS) industry is steadily rising. Organizations worldwide use customer resource management, enterprise resource planning, web hosting, and other SaaS applications to streamline the business. In fact, in 2021, the SaaS industry is estimated to be worth 145.5 billion dollars. If you’re thinking of diving into this industry, now’s the best

man choosing colors

Trademarking Colors: Can You Gain the Sole Right to Use a Color?

When it comes to trademarks, the battles are not sweet for Cadbury. For over a decade, the chocolatier has been fighting for the sole right to use its distinctive purple color for its milk chocolate products. However, in 2018, Cadbury lost the chance to exclusively use Pantone 2685C, its distinct purple, because of Nestlé’s opposition

legal assistance

Getting Legal Assistance: What You Should Know

Setting up a business these days can take a lot of effort and resources, given the circumstances. However, many new small businesses thrive despite the situation. You should remain motivated with the reason why you want to start a business amid a pandemic. Stay focused on your goals by researching the things you need to

Intellectual Property

What They’re Not Telling You About Intellectual Property Rights

There are four kinds of intellectual property (IP) in the world. The first kind of IP is the patent, which is applied by inventors to secure the rights to their physical inventions, designs, and processes. The second one is the copyright, which gives exclusive rights to the creator of any literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic

lawyer writing on a notebook

Protecting Your Business from a Legal Standpoint

Being a business owner, you definitely have fulfilled several roles for your business. You may have been the customer representative, the developer, the salesperson, or even the payroll manager at some point. Nonetheless, we all know it is best to leave it to a qualified and competent business attorney when it comes to legal matters.

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