Divorce in Indiana: Filing, Proceedings, and Settlement

In Indiana, divorce doesn’t have to be as stressful as you would think. The state has a no-fault grounds for divorce, which means neither spouse is to blame for the separation. Both parties agree that their marriage is irretrievably broken. Most couples who file for divorce on no-fault grounds seek an uncontested divorce. An uncontested

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Get Better as a Law Student with These Extracurricular Practices

Gaining admission to law school is a remarkable feat in itself. But it’s also just the start of a lengthy period of trials. Studying to become a lawyer will push your abilities and endurance; many have turned aside or experienced delays at this point in the journey to professional practice. The layman thinks of law


Beyond Paperwork: The Lawyer Essentials

Becoming a lawyer is one of the fabulous jobs a person can have. The suits, ties, briefcases—not to mention the dramatic court scenes—are enough to draw anyone in. For Asian parents, a lawyer is one of the possible dreams they have for their kids. However, behind the glitz and glam, there are grueling realities one

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Branding Basics: Ways to Improve Your Corporate Image

In the world of business, you can safely say that your image is your currency. Many partners, investors, and consumers base their credibility and trustworthiness on your image. After all, impressions always matter. Knowing this, you must be proactive when it comes to your branding strategies and efforts. You need to make it known to


5 Ways to Make the Divorce Process Easier and Faster

A divorce may be one of the most difficult things that you will ever go through. And if you decide to end your marriage, there are plenty of emotional, mental, and financial hardships that you have to be ready for. Nevertheless, there are ways to make divorce at least a little bit easier. 1. Find a reputable

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7 Shows on Netflix That Aspiring Lawyers Should Watch During Lockdown

Want to be a lawyer someday? A lot of people do because they want to make a difference in the world and help make it a better place. While legal dramas and TV shows don’t accurately depict the profession, it certainly shows various situations that are typical in a lawyer’s life, whether you belong to

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Things You Should Impart to Your Children After Divorce

Imagine that your and your partner’s friendship turned into romance, only to be broken down by your irreconcilable differences. This will most likely culminate in a divorce in Denver, Colorado. Even though it sounds bad, for some they have no choice but to go this route. Staying together could just hurt them more. And when it comes to

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Tips for Divorcing Parents: How to Break the News to Your Children

Divorce is a difficult ordeal to go through. When you file for a divorce, you will find yourself exhausting your energy as you go through a lot of things at the same time, from meeting with your Albuquerque divorce attorney to attending counseling sessions and hearings. Moreover, it gets harder when there are kids involved. Divorce

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4 Areas You Need to Protect for Your Business

It can be satisfying to run a small business. You will be able to use the profit for your expenses while giving yourself an outlet for your passion. However, you will find that the business world can be a cruel environment. There are plenty of people who want to take a shortcut to success by


Deal Breakers to Look Out for in Property Inspection

Homeownership is an exciting prospect, especially if you’ve found what you consider to be your ideal home. Buying your own property is easy in this day and age. If you employ the right lawyer, even conveyancing won’t be an issue for your future home in Townsville. Be careful when viewing your property, as your hastiness

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